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The TM-7500 Splendive II mask features a split lens design that is very lightweight, only 6.3 ounces. It fits snugly to your face, providing an extra-wide field of vision and is also quick and easy to clear. Like the M-40, the TM-7500 has a low internal air volume making it less buoyant than most other designs, reducing unwanted lift. RX Corrective Lenses available. Like all TUSA masks, it incorporates a wide range of features to enhance comfort and provide clarity of vision.


  • Advanced 2-window design.
  • Special low volume design for snug fit and easy clearing.
  • RX Corrective Lenses available (See below).
  • Bisymmetrical lenses for easy installation of corrective lenses.

Splendive II Mask

  • We can provide single vision lenses for the Splendive II mask in -1.0 to -8.0 in half increments and +1.0 to +4.5 in half increments, and also Bifocal (Reading lenses) in +1.0 to +4.5 in half increments, either Right or Left lens. These lenses can be ordered on their own if you already have a Splendive II mask, with the purchase of a mask if you wish to fit them yourself or we offer a lens fitting service.

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