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Beyond One Bar
A small Family-centered business committed to the underwater world and it's inhabitants, with reuse and recycle as a core to what we do.

Beyond One Bar

Based in Leiston, Suffolk, UK. Beyond One Bar was established by a family of Divers in 2014. We have a Shop in Leiston Town stocking equipment for open water swimming, snorkelling, free diving, and scuba diving, as well as supplying a range of services online.

So, "Why Beyond One Bar?"

There are three reasons why I came up with the name. Firstly, we were born into a world where the pressure stays at a fairly constant one bar, water weighs more than air and therefore exerts more pressure. So, when we dive under the water the pressure on our bodies increases, hence we go Beyond One Bar. Secondly, my favourite sea creature is a Bobtail Squid. Lastly, and the most dear to my heart, is that my dad's name was Robert, which commonly became affectionately shortened to Bob.


The Owner and Dive Instructor David Swain has over 30 Years of Experience Teaching Diving and has Taught a range of people from New Divers to experienced divers. David's wife Kate, and children also share David's huge passion for Diving. Tom is a qualified B.S.A.C scuba instructor and studied Marine Biology at Plymouth University. Eleanor is a qualified scuba diver and underwater enthusiast. Jacques is a PADI Dive Master and has studied Marine Biology and Oceanography at Plymouth University. Elliott is a PADI Divemaster in training and has been Scuba Diving for the majority of his life. Abbi is currently working on her Open Water certification, and Austin looks forward to spending time in and around water until he becomes old enough to start scuba. 

It is important for us To Recycle and Reuse everything where possible in order to help the environment around us as well as protecting all marine Life.

What We Do

We Provide a Range of Different Diving Services to Suit All Your Diving Needs.

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Beyond One Bar has an online Blog where Our Dive Team regularly Posts Exciting and Interesting Diving Related Posts to interest our readers. We also Include Articles written by our Beyond One Bar Members.

Meet The Team

The team at Beyond One Bar is a Family of highly experienced Divers, and we are eager to share our passion of the Underwater world with you.

David Swain

David is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and has been teaching adventurous people how to Scuba Dive since 1994.

Jacques Swain

Jacques Swain is a PADI Divemaster and an HSE Diver. Who is also studying Marine Biology and Oceanography at Plymouth University.

Elliott Swain

Elliott Swain is a PADI Divemaster in training and has been Scuba Diving for the majority of His life.

Underwater Scuba Diving

Wanting to Rent Diving Equipment?

We rent out a range of diving Equipment to suit a range of Needs

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