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The Ocean Reef Aria Junior is a dedicated kids full face snorkelling mask that is designed for children from 10 years old and is specifically sized to ensure a good seal and comfortable fit.

A full-face mask allows your child to breathe naturally through their nose or mouth and the large single-piece lens offers a wide field of vision with a built-in anti-fog air circulation system. The integrated snorkel eliminates the risk of the snorkel being knocked from their mouth and poor fitting mouthpiece from causing irritation.

The adjustable textile strap makes the mask really comfortable to wear and super easy to get on and off. The wide strap also reduces hair entanglement in longer hair.

The Aria Junior offers an amazing 180° panoramic view, allowing in plenty of light which significantly helps those that feel claustrophobic with a normal snorkelling mask. The wide silicone seal ensures a good and comfortable fit against the face to eliminate water ingress.

The Aria Junior comes with a sticker sheet that customises the mask, which is especially helpful if you have more than one child. It is compatible with other accessories such as the Snorkie Talkie and Marker Wings.

Aria Junior Extra small

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