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  • Photochromatic lenses adjust to light conditions
  • Anti-fog lenses for prolonged clear vision
  • Wide angle lenses ideal for sighting in open water
  • Flexible design - one size fits all
  • UV coated scratch-resistant lenses
  • Comes in a robust re-usable storage case

The Swim Secure FotoFlex Goggles have been specially developed to be the only open water swimming goggles you ever need. The photochromatic lenses adjust to the light conditions - darker in bright sun and clear under gloomier skies.

The lenses are wider than traditional pool goggles to make sighting in the open water easier. The straps are easy to adjust even when wearing the goggles. 

The flexible design means that one size truly does fit all - no more messing around with different size nose bridges. The soft silicone gasket creates a strong yet comfortable seal against the face, meaning leaks are a thing of the past. 

The lenses are anti-fog, UV coated and scratch resistant ensuring the goggles will last for season upon season. The goggles come in a strong, lockable storage case to keep them in top condition. 


Customer Review

Great all round

Dee Newell on Jul 14, 2022

I have been using these goggles for a few weeks now it’s my first time to own a reactive pair but it is so handy, there’s nothing worse than a morning swim starting in darkness and finishing up blinded by sunrise so these are the perfect solution. So far I’ve had no leaks or scratches and they have not been fogging up, I do take care to rinse with cold water after every use to help preserve them.

Fotoflex Goggles

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