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  • Access your bottle while swimming
  • High visibility orange
  • Open top pocket for 750ml bottle
  • Lightweight - little to no drag
  • In Case of Emergency contact details section
  • Ideal for longer swims
  • One way valve
  • Size deflated - 43cm x 35cm
  • Belt length - 58cm to 108cm / 23” to 42”

A highly visible tow float with waist strap and an open top slot for bottles up to 750ml. The floor of the float inflates, with a drain hole, so that any water going into the float self drains. Ideal for swimmers that want to put in a long training swim but stay hydrated while in the water. Recommended for all open water swimmers that want a high visibility tow float and have increased visibility out on the water.

Use the back of the valve cap to deflate.

TOP TIP: When carrying your bottle, we recommend only inflating the valve on the top of the float which inflates the 'ring' and not inflating the valve at the bottom. This makes the float more stable when carrying a bottle and helps prevent the float from flipping the wrong way round in the water. 

Hydration Tow Float

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