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The M-32 Imprex 3D Hyperdry mask is a re-design of TUSA's very popular TM-8000Q Imprex Hyperdry, but with several key improvements. The M-32 features TUSA's patented Hyperdry System which allows for easy, no-nonsense clearing of the mask with a single exhalation. Additionally, the Imprex 3D Hyperdry incorporates side windows for enhanced panoramic and peripheral vision and TUSA's patented round-edge skirt for greater comfort and fit. Like all TUSA masks, the M-32 offers a wide range of features to enhance comfort and provide clarity of vision while underwater.


  • 3-window design with enhanced panoramic view and peripheral vision.
  • Hyperdry System for ease of mask clearing.
  • Round-edge skirt for maximum comfort and fit.
  • Low volume design for snug fit and easy clearing.


Hyperdry System (One-Way Purge Valve) For Easy Clearing
Clearing a mask has never been easier thanks to our patented Hyperdry system that is featured on the IMPREX 3D Hyperdry. With the Hyperdry system you simply breathe out through your nose and any water that has accumulated in your mask is forced out through a one-way valve. Once the mask is clear, the valve seals shut.

3-Window Design With Extra Wide Field of Vision
The M-32 mask also features an advanced ergonomic design that conforms to the contours of your face for unsurpassed comfort and fit. The M-32’s frame structure is reduced to a low-profile design yet still offers an exceptional wide-field of vision.

Flexible External Nose Equalization Area

Side Windows For Peripheral Vision
The M-32 offers exceptional vision due to a wide front lens and two side windows. The side windows enhance peripheral sight for unsurpassed field of vision.


Imprex 3D Hyperdry Mask

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