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- IPX8 Waterproof Rating

- Fits 5.5 Inch / 14cm Smart Phone - phone case

- Inner pocket for cards and keys

- Adjustable Lanyard

- Clear screen allows phone to be operated while inside

Keep your valuables safe and dry with the new Multi-Use Waterproof Bag from Swim Secure. Designed to hold a 5.5" smart phone plus credit cards and keys, meaning all your valuables are safely on your person. 

Your smart phone can be operated through the clear front screen and the camera can operate through the rear camera window. A separate internal pocket provides storage for bank cards and car keys. 

An adjustable lanyard clips to multiple points on the bag, allowing for flexible hanging set ups. 

This product has been tested to IPX8 standards meaning it is suitable for continuous immersion in depths over one metre when used correctly. 

Multi use waterproof bag

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