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We are very excited to add another product to our growing Ocean positive line, these products have a positive impact on the Oceans that we love. Nona clothespins are made from recycled ghost fishing nets, we are selling them in packs of 20 for £15, packs of 30 for £19 and packs of 40 for £22.



A clothespin for ecological stewardship.

Made from discarded fishing nets, the NONA Recycled Ocean Plastic Clothespin supports fishing communities and marine ecosystems.

On top of fighting ghost fishing gear and averting ocean plastic pollution, we wanted to make it more convenient than ever to lower your carbon footprint. So, we set out to fix some of the shortcomings of traditional clothespins to ensure you never lose your enthusiasm for fighting climate change by hang-drying your clothes.

And we think we’ve done a pretty good job.

Nona Clothespins

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