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Keep your kit dry on water and on land

  • Acts as a tow float swim buoy while swimming
  • Removable shoulder straps for quick transition
  • Carabiner attachment for quick release waist belt
  • Wide mouth valve for quick inflation/deflation
  • Robust Nylon/PVC fabric with taped seams
  • 30 litre capacity
  • Size Deflated - 68cm x 38cm
  • Belt Length - 64cm to 120cm / 25” to 47”

An innovatively designed inflatable dry bag with shoulder straps, waist and chest straps. Head off for a hike or run, remove the shoulder and chest straps and it's a dry bag/tow float. Attach with the waist belt and leash and enjoy your swim. Will keep your gear dry and take an adults weight if a rest is needed.

Top tip: put your kit in the bag before you inflate it!


Perfect for travel!

Lins B on Sep 20, 2021

I used this tow float / dry bag on my way to the Swim Serpentine, in conjunction with the small kit bag they provided. The straps were very comfortable for wearing on the journey into London, and it was brilliant to know that I could then swim with my valuables, rather than leaving them in the bag drop. The float inflates to a fantastic size too so, had I needed it during the race, I could quite happily have rested on it and waited for canoe assistance. This gave me complete peace of mind in an unknown lake! It’s an all round excellent product!

Thanks for this great review Lins. We think this will be very helpful for future open water swimmers when making their decision to buy a Wild Swim Bag.

- Swim Secure

Wild Swim Bag

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