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We’re really sorry!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

We’ve done our best for you!

Our nearest rivals Ha**ods started their campaign on the

1st September.

But …. And we are sorry about this;


Its time to think about . . .


There its been said. All over now.

Lets make it as painless as possible for you this year why not buy everybody a Beyond One Bar Christmas Gift Voucher.

Its so easy,

just scroll up, and at the end of the ribbon click on gift cards.

No postage just email it to arrive on whatever date you like.


We’ve got loads of goodies the new mask that Uncle Richard has been going on about,

and we can even put his prescription lenses in it so he doesn’t blunder into the bottom of the boat, again!

It could be used to get the dive kit serviced, always a good idea to ensure that the New Year is a safe one.

Swim floats for Jenny

now she’s doing wild swimming.

Or even a wet suit to

keep her warm.

We’ve got snorkel kits for the summer holidays, or the spring holidays come to that.

If you know someone who doesn’t swim, snorkel or dive

(Is there such a person?)

then we even make jewellery for them using reclaimed plastics collected from Suffolk beaches

its really rather good.

Even the dog is catered for with an Action Light to go on the collar,

great for keeping track of him on the dark night walks.

If you are really that anti Christmas

(Bah Humbug!)

you probably don’t have any friends so why not get a voucher for yourself so you can come in on the New Year

and moan about how bad Chritsmas was

(we’re tough, we can take it)

and get yourself something nice for Easter.

Ooops! … Sorry!

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